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Lifesoup is a simple java application (or game) trying to simulate evolution using a few simple rules. It features an adjustable world filled with simple life forms who "swim" through a liquid.

Lifesoup was inspired by this java applet.

The lifeforms can multiply and consume each other creating new generations.

The user can expirment with different world settings and see how the evolution progresses.

screenshot: lifesoup in action

Version 0.6b released!

download a beta version:

Try it out and let us know what you think!

simulating evolution

Lifesoup is trying to simulate evolution using a few simple rules:

1. life consists of creatures which have limbs

2. limbs have one or more segments

3. limb movement propels the creature

4. more efficient moving creatures eat slower creatures

5. when a creature eats another creature it spawns a clone

6. sometimes a clone has mutations

implemented features

Implemented features include:

- changeable world parameters
- muliple concurrent realms
- default fullscreen mode
- multiple start scenarios
- draggable viewport
- selecting, cloning and removing entities
- warping the simulation
- effects for death, growth and birth

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